There's never only one right thing to answer; the idea is to keep the conversation going until all sides are heard and understood. Sybil Evans with Sherry Suib Cohen - Hot Buttons (2000), Piatkus

This learning programme focuses on the related range of aspects that will help you to understand:

  • what brings about 'conflict'
  • definitions that are useful when considering 'conflict'
  • how conflict can be positive and contructive
  • why people intimidate others
  • define 'intimidating behaviours'
  • aspects of behaviour that could constitute 'intimidation'
  • how to recover/help others recover from bullying or intimidation
  • how changing your own perspective, behaviour and reactions assists others to be less intimidating
  • how to promote good management and/or leadership skills, clear communication and healthy working relationships between individuals within a team

A particular focus is how to provide a creative environment for a constructive and learning conversation to take place that will protect the integrity and decency of the people involved and works towards a resolution of a team difficulty. The basis of the framework is the Harvard Negotiating Project that enables each individual to understand how other people have seen the issue, to explain their own viewpoint, understand the feelings that are around and work together to find the way forward.

This programme is useful if you wish to improve your own situation or prevent conflict or intimidation in your workplace.

Previous participants have included teachers, executives, nurses, managers, supervisors, personnel/welfare officers and administrative staff.

Updated April 2012