This personal coaching programme focuses on competencies as a way of helping you perform well in the work you do, and also to enable you to help members of your team to perform well.

Where a person is not performing well a particular focus might be on 'why not' or ' how can I help?' so as to encourage improvement or make clear the needs the organisation has of them and how they are required to meet them.

Many Managers suggest that they have team members who are not able to perform to the best of their ability. Chtc coaching assists you to identify the little steps (Kaizen*) that enable your team member to make the best of their skills and abilities. Chtc specialises in telling stories or giving analogies that bring theories, principles and procedures to life that enable you to pass on the ways to make the complex simple!

*Kaizen - this is a Japanese term that has no real English translation but the idea is to continually make really small changes to the way you work that make really big differences in the long run. It means never standing still in your development.

Updated April 2012