This personal coaching programme focuses on building the confidence to present yourself and your topic and to enjoy public speaking especially when you know 'the theory' of making a presentation, whether this is speaking out at a meeting or speaking to an audience at a seminar, workshop, conference etc.

You will learn:

  • anxiety beaters - how to cope with your nerves
  • feeling confident
  • develop your framework for structuring your talks
  • speaking positively
  • assessing your skills as a public speaker

As there are lots of practical exercises you will be required to prepare material in advance of each session of the programme (e.g. Compose a positive and realistic description of yourself or Compose a positive and realistic description of your work) and also to work something out 'on the spot' (e.g. you have 5 minutes - stand up and tell others about the particular focus of this project) so as to be able to offer your message to another person quickly and 'on the hoof!'

Previous coachees have found they have gone from being nervous wrecks to being confident and professional speakers whether it is making an 'elevator speech' at a meeting or giving a much longer presentation at a workshop or conference.

Updated April 2012