This personal coaching programme focuses on using the techniques (such as to do lists, planning, prioritising etc) and Principles (such as Napoleon's Principle or The Pareto Principle etc) to ensure that you make best use of your time. 

This course will help you

  • examine the paradox that whilst it seems there is not enough time, you have all the time there is
  • identify how time is presently used
  • identify when the timescales are under your control or not.
  • consider changing your habits and implement changes using familiar tools and techniques to utilise time in a more effective way
  • be aware of how time constraints affect the team and how to deal with other members of your team whose inability to manage their time effectively impacts on you
  • respond more effectively to the challenges in your working life
  • make a commitment plan to enable ou to utilise one or two techniques or tools that will immediately make a difference in your working life
  • monitor your own and other people's performance in relation to time management effectiveness
Previous coachees have found this programme really useful in indentifying the main areas for development that have made BIG differences in their ability to manage their own time and encourage a less stressful environment for themselves and their team members.

Updated April 2012