This consultancy service focuses on providing a safe and confidential environment for reflecting on your working practice and the 'how' of the job you have to do; giving you help with organisational issues, and helping you to identify training needs.

The role of your organisation's Line Manager or Trustees is to set the 'what' (targets, areas of work, objectives and policies to which you will work etc). Chtc's consultant will help you work with the 'how'  which is done by encourgaing you to review what you do and have a better understanding of why you do it the way you do. The consultant will encourage you to think of alternative ways of doing the work and to do 'right work done well' - i.e. the work that you were employed to do rather than the work that is 'enjoyable but not productive', or someone else's work (abdication management rather than delegation management).

Other areas that are addressed include helping you ensure that your vision is also working within the vision of the organisation, helping you to assess the way other members of staff or management behave towards you and the appropriateness of this behaviour and to explore any area of conflict and alternative ways of resolving these issues.